Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Slim Aarons…Vintage or Current??

Slim Aarons is one of my favorite 
vintage photographers! 
His photos are mostly from the 60's through 
the 80's and depict the celebrities 
and high society of the time. 
I feel like the photos are vintage but many of 
the styles depicted are current now.

Here I found photos with similar fashion and styles 
to Mr Aaron's original works. 
Can you can tell which are his and 
which are today's pictures? 

All of the pictures on the LEFT are Slim Aarons'.
The other pictures:
#1 Photo galleries are so relevant now and seen frequently in decor. 
#2 Panama hats are "in" style this summer. 
#3 Is a Tommy Hilfager ad, surf style is always in! 

#4  Gray Malin photograph, this style photograph 
is HOT now.  

#5 Is the Beverly Hills Hotel pool now, it's as famous a spot now as it was back in '72 when 
Mr Aarons' photo was taken. 


Pics from Pinterest, BHH, Gray Malin, Tommy Hilfager, and Slim Aarons on Getty Images!

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