about me...

My name is Christine, a wanna-be interior designer/stylist.  I
self-trained by watching marathons of HGTV and reading loads of shelter mags and blogs.  
My day job (or night job)
that pays the bills is as an ER nurse, where I get loads of real life
drama.  While I love my career, and it's fulfilling in many ways, it
doesn't satisfy the needs of my right brain. I started this site as a
creative outlet, and to bring my niche style to the blogosphere.

So what is my niche?  I have a west coast vibe, with an east coast
attitude.  My style is eclectic, a mixture of California casual and
mid-century modern.  I love to mix modern furniture with vintage finds
from flea markets and consignment shops to give any room a cool Cali

Aside from interior decorating, I will post anything that fits my niche -
from décor to fashion, food, beauty, entertaining and travel.

So follow me on this new adventure in style, niche style.



  1. I found you blog through a comment you left on Emily Henderson's blog. Lovin your decor vibe.