Tuesday, May 27, 2014

earring double take

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There are so many cool earring styles now that I just had to write about them. One of my favorites is the double sided earring. The back is as awesome as the front.  I just bought the pearl pair from Bauble Bar (#3) and love them!  Sort of preppy and tribal at the same time. They are a knock-off of a Dior earring. Ooo lala...

The next style is the mismatched earring.  Two different earrings that will have everyone doing a double-take when they look at you! You may be able to make your own mismatched pair if you have a few earrings where you lost one of the pair (hate that).

Last but not least is the earring cuff! I love, love, love this earring!!  It is such a rock-n-roll look! You don't even need multiple piercings to wear it.  
So break out of your earring routine and wear something new! 

Even the ever so fashionable Sarah Jessica Parker does the double sided earring!


all pics from product websites and pinterest! thanks!

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