Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Eclectic or Schizo....

A little kooky but I like it.

Eclectic interior style, is it schizo or cool? How do you get it?  I’ve always just bought things I’ve liked and could afford and it all seemed to work out. My style is definitely casual and laid-back with a West Coast vibe. I tend to lean towards mid-century modern, some 50’s, art deco and 70’s style.  What the wallet affords though is usually Ikea, Home Goods, flea markets and yard sales. So how have I mixed my vintage and modern decor without looking like I was just released from an involuntary stay at a mental hospital? It’s by sticking with some of the following GUIDELINES...not rules! I hate rules! I’m a rebel without a cause when it comes to them. 

Mostly everything is in the same wood tone. 

1. Try to stick to similar wood tones or time periods.  So if your new shiny stuff is a warm honey colored wood then buy your vintage in the same tone...

Or if your new comfy sofa has mid-century lines then find it a cool vintage coffee table that is from the midcentury period....

2. Use similar scale, textures or colors.  Reupholster a side chair to match your modern sofa.  

Make sure the side tables are the correct height for your new sofa or chairs. Mid-century furniture was 
shorter then the new furniture, so make sure the scale is correct. It’s kinda like the really tall model with the short rocker, it just looks funny.

Almost all vintage.

3. Pick a side!! You can’t be Switzerland when decorating.  I would say follow the 80/20 rule, give or take a few percentage points. Either 80% new stuff and 20% vintage or visa versa.  This is no time to go halfsies!

You can also use transitional pieces, these are from big box stores like West Elm or Crate and Barrel. These are pieces made to look vintage but are happy, shiny and new.  

CB2 table done eclectically
CB2 table similar to a Saarinen table with all new furniture. 

4. High/Low. No this is not that new style skirt everyone is wearing! It’s when you mix an inexpensive slip-covered Ikea sofa with an ornate gilded mirror.  Or a rustic wooden farm table with the Eames molded fiberglass chairs. Real designers call it a juxtaposition....

This is by Amber Interiors...love her style!

5.Finally, EDIT the shite outta your crap!  When it comes to knick-knacks, less is DEFINITELY more. You don’t want your eyes bouncing around the room getting all dizzy.  Have a focal point and let everything else compliment it.  A coffee table is for cocktails... Huh?  You know what I mean. 
It may look stylish but it has to function too.
This styling is perfecto but where do you put a glass?
This foyer has a spot for everything!

All pics from Pinterest!


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