Tuesday, May 20, 2014

summer sandal party....under $50!

This summer there are so many options for sandals it's almost crazy.  It's like a party for your feet.  I decided to throw a $50 or less party for you and your tootsies.  All the fashion mags feature sandals for hundreds of dollars and that's just crazy when there are so many great options for less.  Many of my picks don't even come close to my $50 cutoff. 

          Forever 21- $12.80                                                                             H&M- $17.95

Target- $29.99
                 H&M- $24.95                                                                                H&M- $34.95

               Target- $27.99                                                                               Target- $29.99

             Forever 21- $32.80                                                                      Forever 21- $32.80


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