Thursday, May 29, 2014

you say tomato, i say....

Tomatoes, I love them!  
Now that we can get good ones from hot houses year round there is no reason to shun them out of season.  They make me think of summer all year.  There is nothing like a juicy, ripe tomato 
anytime of the day.  
Here are some yummy, pre-dinner or skip-dinner-all-together recipes to try.  Pair them with a glass of white wine like a Sauvignon Blanc or an Italian Chianti and dream of summer....

Warm tomato and mozzarella bruschetta.
Check out this recipe here.

Roasted tomato and ricotta crostini.

This one is so delish and easy from Martha Stewart, you can find the recipe here!


all pics from pinterest and the sites linked! thanks!

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