Wednesday, May 28, 2014

boutique hotel bathroom without a contractor

Boutique hotel bathroom at the Dean Hotel

The Dean Hotel, Providence
The Dean Hotel, Providence RI

I love to stay in a hotel for many reasons, the first being the unique bathrooms. I've always dreamed of having one in my house, modern lines with warm wood accents. That's my idea of a boutique hotel bath. I thought about ways to get that feeling without doing a whole reno and breaking the bank. 

 So here are some ideas and inspiration to make your bathroom more 
boutique-like without a plumber or electrician.  

No need for these guys for these updates. 

First, the walls. You can paint or wallpaper on your own in less then a day. This can make a H U G E impact!  Everyone thinks water-like colors in the bathroom but dark colors contrast well with light colored tiles. Especially if you have older, beige tiles you don't like and want to take attention away from. You can also go light and bright as many of my photos show.  Wallpaper is making a big comeback right now. There is even paper that peels away for the renters or the indecisive people out there.

Dark moody blue. 
Even black or charcoal. 

Next up artwork...and not your grandmother's artwork! (or maybe, everything vintage is in again) Break away from the typical art found in bathrooms everywhere, boats, shells and bathroom humor.  Do a small or large gallery wall with art, photos or mirrors of your liking.  Almost anything goes, use your imagination or the following for inspiration. 

These mirrors make the room feel bigger. 

Non-traditional rugs in the bathroom, LOVE 'EM!  You don't have to buy the match-y shower mats that go with your towels anymore.  Try a bright eclectic rug or traditional oriental in your bathroom.  It really adds new dimension, color and texture to the room. (As well as hide some ugly tiles)

Storage is almost always an issue unless you have a huge bathroom. Adding shelves or bringing in a piece of furniture is a great way to make your bathroom feel like a boutique hotel.  

Antique bureau as bathroom storage. 
Modern white corner shelves add interest. 

Antique desk and lucite stool add storage and a place to do makeup. 

Last but definitely not least is the shower curtain.  I find this the most difficult because I'm picky and don't like many of the options the stores offer. First off, invest in some decent metal curtain rings, the plastic ones are cheesy.  Next, if you can't find one you like, have one made or make it yourself. The craft stores sell grommet hole makers, sew the edge and you have a custom shower curtain.  You could also find window curtains you like and use them. Pinterest has plenty of DIY's. 

Color block curtain. 

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all photos from Pinterest, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn...thanks!


  1. i love this post! you have such great ideas. Time to take down that boat picture in my bathroom :)

    1. Nah Kim! Art is subjective, if you love it, leave it! ;)