Thursday, July 17, 2014

a bed without a headboard

Large artwork.

You don't have a headboard, so what! 
Here's some ideas for stylish alternatives.  

A large piece of artwork can make a huge impact in your bedroom. It can be the design element that takes you in a color or style direction. Make sure the proportions are right for your bed, walls and ceiling. 

Casual photo gallery. 
A photo or art gallery wall are great behind beds as headboards too. They have a beautiful visual impact and can be used in many different interior styles. 

Artwork gallery. 

A wall sized photo mural. 
I love these wall sized photo and painted murals! With simple white bedding and accessories a mural really takes me someplace else. 
Painted mural. 

Center below a window. 
Hang a wall sized macrame.

Centering the bed under a window is so pretty. Beautiful window and bed textiles make this alternative to a headboard really pop...and the sunshine in the morning doesn't hurt either. 
Hanging macrame textiles was popular in the 1970's but they are making a huge comeback now. They look best hung on darker colored walls. 

A reclaimed wood wall. 
A reclaimed wood wall adds texture and warmth to any bedroom. Try this DIY as a stylish alternative to a headboard.

Hanging textiles. 
A beautiful kilim or suzani hanging behind the bed is great to use as a headboard. It will bring color and texture to your bedroom. 


Pics from Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, Domaine Home.

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