Wednesday, July 16, 2014

stylish magazine storage

Storage baskets to keep magazines out of site.

I'm a magazine hoarder! There I said it. 

 It's hard for me to throw out a home design magazine because
 I may just want to read it again.  
Even if everything is online now, I still like to flip through the pages of a good magazine. 
The problem is they start to pile up everywhere and then where do I put them? did a post about this very subject and
 I looked around and found other ideas too. 

Old crate on wheels. 

A console or low bookcase. 
A corner nook of shelves. 
An unused mantle or fireplace. 
Diagonal bookshelf.
Magazine storage as furniture.

So far my magazine habit has been kept under control with shelves.
How do you store your mags?

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