Friday, July 18, 2014


Last night I watched USA's new summer drama Satisfaction. You know the one they've been advertising like crazy since March? Since I expected it to be awful, it was actually ok. It's about a marriage in mid-life crisis and a couple who have it all.  (yawn) I know it sounds boring but the writing is a bit better then usual. Plus, Matt Passmore (Australian actor, formerly on The Glades) ain't bad to watch. 
The real reason I'm writing about it here though is that the house they live in is incredible! It's a mid-century modern with a cool pool in the backyard.  These pics just don't do it justice. I couldn't find any interior shots online so you have to watch it just to see the house....and Matt. 

Here's some houses similar to the 
Satisfaction house...



Have a great weekend!

Pics from USA Network

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