Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer or Fall Shopping?

H&M Home is having an end of season sale. Yes, I know it is only mid-summer.  Does it drive anyone else crazy that retailers already have the fall merchandise out? I still haven't bought a pair of shorts or a new T-shirt and they have the ankle boots and puffy vests with faux fur collars displayed!
The prices are great and the stuff is fun! In the above picture the linen palm pillow and turquoise beach towel are only $10 each. The rollup picnic blanket in the same trendy pattern is $12 and the cute paper products are $2 for 10 for the plates and are $1 for 10 for the cups

Pineapple bag $4

Green cotton table runner $5
Butterfly mug $4

Organic cotton tablecloth, $10
The products are very Anthropology/Urban Outfitters/Crate and Barrel in design but much cheaper. There is something for everybody! These are just some of the Summer sale items. They already have the Fall collection online but I can't think about Fall just yet. How about you?
Are you in a Summer or a Fall mood?
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