Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I must be in serious need of a vacation....
I've been fantasizing about living in a van like 
this and becoming a beach bum.  
I know, it's crazy!
Working the night shift I start to feel like I live 
on re-run: work, sleep all day, repeat.  
The summer is slipping away and I haven't done 
anything yet!  I know plenty of people working 
regular hours feel the same way. 
Let's be beach bums for a few minutes....

Our hair will always look awesome from 
the salt water!

We can wear cool hats and bags. 

Drink fresh coconut water!

Surf all day!

Have a comfy beach chair.

Get a cool tattoo...just kidding. 

And wear chic cover-ups all day long. 

See beautiful sunsets every night!

Do you want a spot in my van?


pics from pinterest..

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