Tuesday, June 17, 2014

blame it on soccer

Kevin C. Cox, Washington Post
Rio de Janeiro-Pinterest

You can blame it on soccer that I'm currently obsessed with Rio.  With all the talk of the FIFA World Cup in the beautiful country of Brazil, it has my head swirling with palm trees and caipirinhas.
I was perusing my inbox when I came across one of my favorite websites, Shop-latitudeThey call themselves 
"global-fashionistas". And, they just added Rio de Janeiro as their newest destination. They're a "curated online marketplace for unique travel finds".  You can find jewelry, clothing, home decor and even travel guides made and sourced from exotic locations around the globe. It's like having a jet-setting bestie. The site has a travel blog as well, so when you have an itch to escape to a far-flung locale while tooling away at work, you can. 

Here's some fun finds from Rio!

Brazilets-triple knotted and said to bring good luck. 

Goa Straw Tote-Brazilian designer and locally sourced reed. 

Brazilian designer who hand-paints the designs then digitalizes the prints onto cloth. 

Brazilian born designer and all hand made and knitted. 

Brazilian accessories co. Bottletop started as a foundation to fund education programs.

Just makes you want to get on a plane...or your computer and go to Rio.
You can blame it on Rio!


all pics from sources quoted, pinterest or shop latitude.com


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