Monday, June 30, 2014

funky fireplaces


I'm such a child of the sixties and seventies.  I just love all the cool, stylish things from that era! These funky, conical, brightly colored fireplaces are definitely on the top of that list!  
They are making a comeback because people are in love with mid-century style.  
Three main companies made them back then: Malm, Majestic and Preway.  Only Malm and Majestic are still in biz and only Malm is still making this style. 

They are freestanding so they can be used anywhere, and I mean anywhere! 
Outside, inside, in a corner, in the middle of a room, you get the picture.  The colors are fab too, like avocado, burnt orange, mandarin red and inca gold. 
The style is still relevant today.  
What do you think?

I've seen them on Craig's List, Ebay, and specialty websites for 
 1977 Avocado Preway.

Malm fireplace.

Malm Fireplace. Apartment Therapy

I'd love one on my patio...I'm thinking they'd be less smoky then a fire pit. 


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