Thursday, June 5, 2014

drawn to the fire...pit

Monday night my friend K invited me over for dinner and a walk. Afterwards we sat by her fire pit and had a cocktail. 
It was the most relaxed I've been in a really long time.  
Listening to the wood crackle and pop, watching the fire flare up 
then burn down.
It got me thinking about the backyard fire pit and the different styles and  
the elements needed. 

Moody oasis. 

Built in backyard simplicity. 

Modern, gas, concrete on a roof deck. 

Mediterranean getaway.  

California retreat. 
Modern and rustic hideaway. 

There are all kinds of fire pits, free standing, built in, modern, rustic, gas, need to decide what fits your style and budget. 

Some accessories for the yard:
String lights brighten the yard, a basket of washable blankets to keep everyone warm, and bunches of dried sage to burn (supposedly keeps the bugs away).  

Of course you need comfortable chairs to sit around the fire.  
There is always the popular adirondack chair or my fave the butterfly chair.  
But really, any comfy chair will do! It's all about the fire!

Happy Fire Pitting!


all pictures from pinterest, target, serena & lily, walmart thanks!

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