Tuesday, June 3, 2014

kitchen nook

Kitchen nooks are great for many reasons! They're casual, you can squeeze in a boat load of people and don't need a lot of space...hence the name, nook.  
I grew up with a kitchen nook like the one above. 
The whole family squeezed in together at 6pm for dinner. 
Ahhh the memories. 

You can go the built-in route if you have the money, the talent or the room. These are stylish examples of what you can do with a built-in banquet.

But...if you don't have the talent or the space then 
you need to be more creative.  
I like to use unexpected furniture in unusual places. 
How about an armless settee or 
love seat as your banquet. Pair it with a small table and 
a couple of eclectic chairs and you have yourself a nook.   

Add in a interesting pendant light and artwork. 

Or even a weathered picnic table bench for your seating with 
some comfy pillows to brighten things up.  
The options are limitless. 

Just make sure the height of the seating is correct for your table, you want to be able to put your legs under the table comfortably.  
The seat height should be approximately 18" from the floor, 
but if you're using a vintage table double check this first.  

all pictures from pinterest...thanks!

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